Starting with the End in Mind

Let’s build something.
How about the life you are called to have;  the life you’d want more than any other?

I first met Stephen Covey in 1989. His book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was a new best seller. His teaching still is a “load bearing” wall in the structure of who I am. The second habit he encourages us to develop is “begin with the end in mind.” Here’s a 1 minute video of Stephen presenting the idea:

While Stephen Covey was among my first teachers, I will be introducing you to the work of the two men from whom I am currently learning the most: Dave Ellis and T. Falcon Napier.

Whether you’re actively dying now, starting over, or embarking on your first journey into living your best life in the time you have, you have a lot to do. Life Management Coaching is all about guiding and supporting you get all the life you can. In the days ahead we’ll be dreaming what we have never dreamt, thinking what we have never thought, and speaking what has been never been said. I’m honored to be with you in this process.

Until tomorrow…be thinking about the life you’d have if it were ten times better than the best you can think of.


About Bob Rosen

For more than 30 years I have helped my clients experience greater happiness, health, security, and safety as they learn to make higher quality decisions and take more effective actions.
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1 Response to Starting with the End in Mind

  1. Lizzy Levitt says:

    I read that book, and began using it as a guide about 20 YAG. Its full of good ideas, and if you can follow half of whats in there you will have success.

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